About Us

Medina Capital Investments was established in 2010 by Nidal Al-Khail and created from the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. The company thrived on the back of the infamous credit crunch. It was in the fortunate position of being financially well placed and subsequently built a reputation throughout the difficult period of being a serious purchaser of distressed property assets. Thereafter, the company organically grew and evolved into acquiring regeneration opportunities throughout the buoyant period which we find across London and in southern region locations in particular.

We are renowned for having a serious appetite for brownfield development opportunities which, combined with the fact that we always act with integrity and speed, has contributed to the success of Medina Capital Investments. Given the opportunity to do so by the vendor, we will always purchase properties on which we have made an offer and can exchange contracts within 24 hours if necessary. Speed in this market is key to our success

Medina Capital Investments has a number of associates that can be brought in to assist with ventures. Some colleagues have several decades of experience in the field of property law, while others assist by maximising a site’s potential with their architectural and town planning knowledge – vital components to the company. Medina Capital Investments’ innovative approach dictates that we select only the opportunities where we can add value utilising our expertise. This forms the basis on which Medina Capital Investments has obtained not only substantial investor confidence, but also the confidence of estate agents, receivers and other institutions that dispose of property.

Our Team

Nidal Al-Khail – MD

Nidal, the company’s founder, established Medina Capital Investments in 2010 after predicting London was the ideal location to invest. Initially heading the Planning and Development department at one of the South coast’s largest commercial agents, he personally acquired residential development opportunities on behalf of clients and obtained planning consents to construct over 3000 residential units. His ability to utilise his planning and property law skills inevitably led him to acquire brown field sites for himself a number of which were retained and kept as investments.

With over a decades experience in the field of acquisition and planning Nidal has driven Medina Capital Investments to evolve into one of London’s core property development companies.

Josh Gould – Director

Josh’s background in the industry stems from his days at his family’s business Regis PLC, one of the UK’s major residential property investment companies. Focusing on tenanted properties and freehold acquisition, he brings a wealth of expertise within this niche segment of the business, giving the company insight into unlocking value in an obscure area. Josh’s personal contacts have propelled Medina Capital Investments, expanding the company’s exposure and opening avenues for further acquisitions.

Femi Ali – Project Manager

Femi oversees any matter involving construction on behalf of the company. Having spent six years at a renowned construction consultancy practice here in London, Femi switched to Medina Capital Investments in order to progress his career further. Responsibilities range from completing build over agreements with utility suppliers, decontamination of newly acquired sites to managing seven figure build cost projects on the company’s behalf ensuring the delivery of the finished homes on time.